My Kids, the B-Day Illustration Heroes

For every birthday celebration that we have in our family, my wife always puts her in-house designer (me) to work on labels, stickers, signs, etc. This year, as she was planning the upcoming birthday celebration for our two older boys, she had the brilliant idea of using illustrations that the boys had made to help commemorate the celebration. She also thought that customized shirts based on the kids’ drawings would make for wonderful party gifts for the guests who come to celebrate. Obviously, my wife is always right.

This year the boys wanted a DragonBall Z themed party and luckily, they had plenty of Dragonball Z drawings that they had already drawn. I always tell people that I love being a designer but being able to create designs from illustrations that my sons had drawn was especially gratifying. Not only was it a fun experience for me, but it’s a lesson for them in showing them that the things they dream up can be made into real tangible things that are of value.

The boys loved seeing their drawings used as labels and decor. They were especially proud of the shirts that they handed out to their friends at the end of the party which featured their art. They wear the shirts proudly every week and have told me that some of their friends wear the shirts to school as well. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to do lots more of these projects with all three of my sons.

Garry Gatchalian
CEO and Creative Design Director
Thinkwalkers, Inc.

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Graphic Designer/Artist based in San Diego

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