NEW WORK — Warrior


With another sports season comes another quick logo design for one of my three sons. This time I asked my son to help me out by creating a sketch of what he envisions when he thinks of a warrior. There are lots of different kinds of warriors throughout history, but he told me that he visualizes a fighter with a shield and a helmet. I asked him to draw a version of the logo he would create and used that as the starting point.

In the end, we lost the contour of the helmet and instead used the part of the warrior’s face that would be revealed through that helmet as the final mark. I also incorporate the “W” into the mark to add more meaning to the logo. All in all, my son was pleased with the final result and is now looking forward to making shirts and showing the rest of the team.

It pays to love what you do and to be able to share a bit of that passion with your children. Go Warriors!!!

Below are my son’s sketch and my sketches.


Graphic Designer/Artist based in San Diego

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