My Kids, the B-Day Illustration Heroes

For every birthday celebration that we have in our family, my wife always puts her in-house designer (me) to work on labels, stickers, signs, etc. This year, as she was planning the upcoming birthday celebration for our two older boys, she had the brilliant idea of using illustrations that the boys had made to help commemorate the celebration. She also thought that customized shirts based on the kids’ drawings would make for wonderful party gifts for the guests who come to celebrate. Obviously, my wife is always right.

This year the boys wanted a DragonBall Z themed party and luckily, they had plenty of Dragonball Z drawings that they had already drawn. I always tell people that I love being a designer but being able to create designs from illustrations that my sons had drawn was especially gratifying. Not only was it a fun experience for me, but it’s a lesson for them in showing them that the things they dream up can be made into real tangible things that are of value.

The boys loved seeing their drawings used as labels and decor. They were especially proud of the shirts that they handed out to their friends at the end of the party which featured their art. They wear the shirts proudly every week and have told me that some of their friends wear the shirts to school as well. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to do lots more of these projects with all three of my sons.

Garry Gatchalian
CEO and Creative Design Director
Thinkwalkers, Inc.

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Kids‘ Sports Brand Battle

Those of you who follow me know that I had been making logos for my sons’ sports teams for a few years now. It’s just something that I do so that I can use my talents to show my support for my kids. Recently, I got called out on Instagram by a dear friend, and fellow designer whose work I truly admire. Matt Turney (Turney Creative and SneakerBoxCo founder) decided to throw down the gauntlet and challenged me to a “Kids’ Sports Brand Battle.” It went down like this…

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.57.54 PM

Needless to say, I had to bring the heat (pun intended) with this one.


My favorite part of this logo is the hidden figure that makes up the beak of the phoenix is actually kicking the soccer ball. My son loves that little detail.


And now we wait for Matt’s rebuttal.

(To be continued…)

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My Back to School Night Tradition

For the past 4 years, I’ve left my sons a little something extra on the letter that we write and leave for them during their Back to School Night.

This year before I could remember it was Back to School Night, my middle son walks up to me and says, “Dad, for the drawing tonight, can you draw something from Dragonball?”

“For what drawing tonight?” I ask.

“Back to School Night,” he replies.

Moral of the story: Consistency builds expectations.

Back to School Night Vegeta

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NEW WORK — Warrior


With another sports season comes another quick logo design for one of my three sons. This time I asked my son to help me out by creating a sketch of what he envisions when he thinks of a warrior. There are lots of different kinds of warriors throughout history, but he told me that he visualizes a fighter with a shield and a helmet. I asked him to draw a version of the logo he would create and used that as the starting point.

In the end, we lost the contour of the helmet and instead used the part of the warrior’s face that would be revealed through that helmet as the final mark. I also incorporate the “W” into the mark to add more meaning to the logo. All in all, my son was pleased with the final result and is now looking forward to making shirts and showing the rest of the team.

It pays to love what you do and to be able to share a bit of that passion with your children. Go Warriors!!!

Below are my son’s sketch and my sketches.


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I’m Old School (Hand-Rendered Signs)

A few months ago, I was asked by some friends to create a pair of signs for their 10 year wedding anniversary celebrations. Although I pride myself in being old-school and in my abilities to draw/design by hand, I had not painted in some time. Fortunately, I found it to be like riding a bike. However, it’s not quite as forgiving as the Undo command on my computer.

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Happy Accidents

Happy accidents are a godsend in design. But in life, they’re even better.

While taking photos of my kids playing, my son caught this frame on the GoPro. Rarely do I get a glimpse at myself in a genuine moment. What a terrific shot. Thanks, son.



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Just for Kicks… Orange Devils

Often times you hear the most sincere parents exclaim the following words “My kids are my inspiration. They are the reason behind all that I do.“

Although, this is true for all parents, I just took that statement to the next level. One of my most recent personal projects was to create a logo for my son’s soccer team “Orange Devils.” This is a fitting team name for my son Dylan for he is often dubbed as the trouble-maker of the house. He’s always in the mix whenever there is mischief afoot.

When I started sketching out the logo design, the image was pretty easy to create. He’s a little Orange Devil indeed, but we love him to pieces.



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